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About us

Our Vision

To facilitate the transition of South Africa from coal and oil to renewable energy. Providing people and communities with sustainable and economically viable energy.

South Africa Team

Our management team brings together a powerful combination of in-depth knowledge of South Africa, with a wide experience of every link in the value chain from technical, operational to compliance and reporting.

We are proud to be an eclectic mix of individuals unified by an open mind-set and shared values.

UK Team

Plexus Innovation

Our UK partnership is led by Tim Cantle-Jones, who is MD of Smart Grid(UK) a business which provides project management solutions to enable the more efficient operation of electricity grids and the deployment of renewable energy.


Plexus Innovation is a UK based provider of remote monitoring and control systems that will enable the efficient operation of smart grids. MD of Plexus Innovation, Steve Todd has worked closely with Tim Cantle-Jones in implementing new energy systems in South Africa.