Energy Audits & Management

  • Energy efficiency audits and project implementation leading to significant cost and energy savings.

  • Virtual energy management to ensure that savings are maintained year on year and advances in energy management technology are implemented.

Step 1


We install data loggers at the utilities main meter and down to sub-meter / equipment level, this data is collected and can be viewed through our online web portal to identify areas of waste / savings.

We monitor multiple types of sensors: temperature, humidity, Co2 pressure, vibration etc.

Step 2

Control - BMS to BEMS

We validate & improve the existing control system, we convert it to a Building Energy Management & Control System - BEMS.

If there are no controls in place, we can implement them for you.

Step 3


Once the building, plant & equipment are working effectively, the BEMS will automatically adjust for maximum efficiencies based on performance.

We help our customers improve, enhance & reduce unnecessary utilities usage and costs.

Step 4


We assist your onsite staff to make sure your buildings, plant, equipment & systems are compliant.

We ensure all applicable policies, regulations, compliance, laws & legislations are in place & managed correctly.

Step 5

Maintain & Renew

We assist you in maintaining your buildings and equipment effectively using data for condition monitoring, preventative & preventive maintenance; ensuring that there is no over or under maintenance occurring - helping you to reduce costs further.

We take advantage of new renewable & more efficient technologies to save you money.